Mark of the Beast Anthology Now Available

So it slipped under the radar a little, but apparently the Mark of the Beast anthology edited by Scott David Aniolowski — in which my story “Against a Sea of Brilliant White” appears — did release this month. The anthology can be purchased through Chasoium’s website. It’s possible it may show up for purchase elsewhere. I honestly don’t know.

For my part I’m just happy the book is out in the world. The project’s been in the works since 2012. And this story was written for that anthology — not solicited, I just wanted to see if I could write a werewolf story.

By all means feel free to go and grab yourself a copy. I’m looking forward to seeing the book on this end, after so long being curious about what the rest of the work looks like. And I’ll be very interested to see what reviews of the book — and more specifically my story in it — look like given the period of my writing this story represents.

Anyway, copies at the link above for those what wants them :)

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