T-Minus Less Than One Week Until Release of The Humanity of Monsters

A very quick update I had intended to make earlier when it was actually a week to go, but it’s been a long day of freelancing so just getting around to this now and we sort of slid past the one week mark on the book’s release.

Now we’re just under the one week mark for the release of The Humanity of Monsters. Which is just completely fucking awesome! Or maybe it’s just me? You work on a thing for several years, when it finally lands it feels pretty damn good.

At any rate, the book’ll be out in a handful of days. And there are an inordinate number of places you can acquire it online and in person — some of them listed on the CZP website page for the anthology here. If you have a favourite independent bookstore that stocks CZP books, I would urge you to support your local indie store. But do whatever works for you.

Oh, incidentally — should you like spoilers — there are as I write this two reviews of the anthology sitting on Goodreads. (Yes, I read reviews of my work, in whatever form. I’m always fascinated by what people have to say, positive, negative, or undecided.) They’re both fascinating reviews, one an absolute rave. If this is the quality of considered response the book is going to get, I am very, very happy with the discussion it will be raising :D

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