The Humanity of Monsters Can vs. US Release Dates

So, apparently there are two release dates for The Humanity of Monsters?

It appears to be a case of split regional release dates. Of which I was unaware until a couple of days ago.

It was pointed out to me in e-mails asking which release date is correct. Which led to me wondering why there were two. I’ve been digging around, and it does appear to be the case that the Canadian release date for The Humanity of Monsters is still September 15th, and the US/UK release is apparently in January of 2016. I’ve seen the latter release dates listed as January 12th, 14th, or even 16th, so I’m not yet sure which is the official one for January.

In any case, this means that Canadian readers will have access to the anthology sooner than everyone else….

Clearly this is a bid to force US buyers to make impulse purchase trips cross-border up to Canada specifically to come and buy the anthology with your massively overpowered dollar (in comparison to us — the exchange rate is anywhere from 25% to 27% right now). Hey, while you’re here you should load up on other wonderful books. We has them. In profusion.

In all seriousness, yeah, I don’t know what to tell you. Little bit longer of a wait for the non-Canadians among you who would like to buy the anthology. Pre-orders are still an option (pick a site from the CZP page for the book, they’re all good), fulfillment’s just going to be longer than originally anticipated.

Oh, Publishing. Whatever are we to do with you?

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