The Humanity of Monsters Release Day Notes

I had meant to post this much earlier today, given that the day is almost officially over by my clock. But it’s been a very full day (apartment hunting things), so I’m just now getting to this:

Officially, The Humanity of Monsters is released in Canada today, with the non-Canadian release in (as far as I know) January 2016. doesn’t yet appear to have copies in stock, and is still advising pre-orders. Not sure of the actual copy situation yet and whether the book could, in fact, be acquired in brick and mortar environments today either.

Basically, waiting to hear from various sources about stock and availability. Information which I will then pass along, so people can go out and buy copies. Because I am entirely willing to just basically push books on people as though they were candy.

Although, technically, if this book were candy it would be Hard Candy. Which is I think an accurate allusion.

Ah well, I’m horribly biased. And mostly just want everyone to be able to read the book. So as soon as I hear where The Humanity of Monsters is available for actual, hands-grabbing purchasing, I shall pass that along :)

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One Response to The Humanity of Monsters Release Day Notes

  1. topoet says:

    also let us know when it can be downloaded for e.reader

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