Queers Destroy Horror! is Available for Purchase

And now that we are venturing into Autumn, a few things are kicking off.

The season itself, obviously. And all that comes with it: the crackle of leaves underfoot, blustering winds and whispering boughs, distant lights through nighttime fog, the moon a pale glow behind wisps of cloud, gradually lengthening nights, and the advent of All Hallows’ Eve. For Autumn is as ever the playtime of shadows and spirits, and whispered things in the lonely dark.

And new published whisperings from your truly!

Specifically my essay in the Queers Destroy Horror! issue of Nightmare Magazine, which is available for purchase through this link: Queers Destroy Horror!.

An essay for which huge thanks are owed to both Megan Arkenberg and Chinelo Onwualu for their advice and editing. The essay would not be anywhere near as cohesive as it is without their aid.

The content of the free online half of the issue looks like it starts releasing come October 7th. Though it appears that my own essay, as well as the reprint fiction and a number of other things, are only available through the purchased (expanded) edition. QDH! is a double issue of the magazine, after all.

This seems, then, an excellent reason to both enjoy the free content as it crops up throughout the month, and also acquire the paid edition (in a variety of formats).

Or you could pick it up for brand new stories by Matthew Bright, Alyssa Wong, Lee Thomas, Sunny Moraine, and Chuck Palahniuk, or reprint fiction from Kelley Eskridge, Caitlín R. Kiernan, and Poppy Z. Brite. As well as all the poetry. And nonfiction by the editors (Wendy Wagner, Megan Arkenberg, and Robyn Lupo), as well as Lucy A. Snyder, Cory Skerry, Catherine Lundoff, Sigrid Ellis, and Evan J. Peterson, and a roundtable interview!

You know. If the prospect of reading my work isn’t enough to sway you. :p

[ETA: On the first pass I apparently listed only the paid content in the issue when putting together the list of content available in QDH! Ahem. Amended.]

[God damn it. ETA 2: Totally forgot to thank the people responsible for making that essay work in the post. Have fixed that too.]

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