The Humanity of Monsters is Alive!

I would insert a gif from Young Frankenstein at this point, but this post is actually going to be fairly picture heavy, so I’ll refrain. :)

But! The book is very much in the wild now. As said pile of physical author copies proves:

Real live physical copies were on sale at tonight’s ChiSeries Toronto. And several author copies may have followed me home. As books are wont to do.

It’s a lovely production. No less so for having been a little delayed — also as books are sometimes wont to do. Indeed, the front and back covers make quite an impression, as I think you’ll agree:

After four fucking years of working on this thing one way or another, it’s quite something to be holding a copy in my hands. And to open it and see this (it’s true, seeing your name in a book never gets less awesome):

And then to go look at the Table of Contents, and the first (of three ToC pages) looks like this:

Because god damn but this book is full of amazing writers. That first page of names alone would be an excellent collection of work. But there are twenty-six — twenty-six — extraordinary writers appearing in the book. I spent some time skimming through the book tonight, reacquainting myself with the pieces that make up The Humanity of Monsters. Every one still as beautiful, dark, twisted, exultant, gorgeous, glorious, subtle and/or brash as I remember. Each exquisite.

I am, of course, utterly biased. And happy to be so.

I still say it’s a collection that’s going to be polarizing. And predictably that there are now four reviews for it kicking around up on Goodreads, they’re 5- 4- 3- and 2- star reviews, respectively.

So already a little vindication on the assumption that the book is/will be polarizing.

It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens to those numbers with further reviews. I love reader reviews (for the sheer diversity of approaches, if nothing else), and I’m hoping for a fair number of them for The Humanity of Monsters. I do, in fact, read reviews of any project I’m involved in. Don’t really respond to reviews (I’d rather people feel free to say whatever they think about a story/book without expecting me to wander in and start arguing with them), but I read commentary because I’m always curious about interpretation. And am especially so in this case, with interpretation and perspective being such primary functions of what the anthology itself is doing.

I’m also fascinated to see which stories readers gravitate toward. Given the number of styles present in the book, I think that’s going to be something interesting to watch as well.

But in the end I’m just hoping people enjoy the book, whatever their reactions. The physical edition is a beautiful thing, lovingly put together. Even down to some of the interior work, as below:

It’s deceptively simple, and highly effective, design work. And I am grateful for it.

But enough from me. The book is finally available in physical form. And various retailers should start reflecting that fairly soon. And I expect contributor copies to be making their way out into the world as well fairly shortly.

In the meantime, the CZP page for the book links to various sales channels. And if anyone has questions about or relating to the book, by all means ask. I’ll answer what I can.

And, you know what? Fuck it.

I am going to employ a gif about the book’s release. :)

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2 Responses to The Humanity of Monsters is Alive!

  1. It’s looking fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work with the book and I can’t wait to see it! Best of luck with the reviews and ratings. Kermit flail!! :)

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