The Humanity of Monsters – Revised (Earlier) Release Schedules

I’m not sure how many times the release dates for The Humanity of Monsters have moved around at this point, but there’s another change to the non-Canadian release date (that release date we’ve had) for the anthology. And it’s some very good news:

After last being set in January 2016, the US and UK release dates for The Humanity of Monsters are moving up to November 19th and November 17th, respectively. This according to Amazon. Other sites may have slightly different release dates, though most of the sales channels look fairly consistent at this point.

Also, the anthology in both print and eBook formats can now be bought directly from the CZP website. The page linked there also has links to all the major sales channels the book is released through, so you’ve got a fair number of ways to buy the book at this point.

And now you can actually get your copy far, far sooner as well. :)

[ETA:] CZP should also be bringing copies of the anthology to World Fantasy, so if you’re attending you can likely pick up copies from the CZP table in the dealer’s room there.

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