The Humanity of Monsters and the BPL

You know what’s awesome to have going into 2016? The Humanity of Monsters updates. :D

And this one I am particularly delighted by. Because it pertains to libraries, which is a topic that always makes me happy anyway. But in this case, we are speaking specifically of a library system which Google Alerts informs me now has a listing for THoM: The Boston Public Library!

The mobile version of the listing states that all copies are in use, though given that the non-mobile version of the site is lacking tags and other things it seems possible the book’s just coming into the system. Then again, the book apparently has an average of 4 stars (out of a possible 5), which is deeply gratifying. No idea if that’s multiple votes or just a lone individual who loved the book. Not being a member of the Boston Public Library system I have no way of knowing.

But damn it feels good to see the book getting picked up by libraries. :)

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