Up in the Air

Well, I was yesterday. The plane has since landed.

Which is to say that I’m currently travelling. And though I’m continuing to work while out of town, will be taking on new client work as it comes in, and will still be posting to the website for the duration, if anyone’s trying to contact me until the end of February your best bet is to get in touch with me via e-mail (mathesonfreelancing@gmail.com, or whatever other address you’re usually contacting me at).

I will still answer my work phone (the number that’s up on the frontpage of the Matheson Freelancing site), but I’d prefer not to rely on it in the interim.

And in completely unrelated news, there’s new starred reviews on both the American (a cross-post) and Canadian Amazon pages for The Humanity of Monsters. Which I mention because, you know, not that I want you to do something crazy like … buy the book ….


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