The Further Review Adventures of … The Humanity of Monsters

There’s a new review of THoM up at It is a 4/5 review.

Some shoutouts in there too, for six of the authors in the book. With lines like these speaking to the reviewer’s reaction: “… a walk into the shadows of a darkened room at midnight as well as a journey to the darkest corners of the human mind.” and “… overall the book is much stronger than most anthologies.”

I’ll take it. :)

And generally speaking, The Humanity of Monsters has been getting pretty consistently good reviews, to the point where it’s sitting at 5/5 on, 4/5 on, and 2.92 on Goodreads. It’s actually had the most reviews at the latter, which is why the larger spread of opinions. Which is more interesting truthfully. I like high ratings as much as the next person, but I also like seeing how people are interacting with the book when they don’t care for it, and seeing why.

I know there’s at least one more venue-specific review of THoM coming down the line, and I’ll share that and whatever else shows up when it happens.

Oh and you should totally go buy the book if you haven’t already. :p

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