Writing/Editing Workshops in 2016

Though things are still in the planning stages at this point, I’m going to be resurrecting the one-day (two hours usually) writing/editing workshops I’ve run in past, and design some new ones as well. Looking at starting in April, at the earliest, and I’m setting up location (these are physical attendance only) and scheduling at this point, with firm dates and information to come once things are set.

You can expect concrete information come March.

But as to ticket availability, I usually keep these small because discussion among workshop attendees is important to the way I run a workshop. And I’m probably going to be pricing these at the $20 mark I’ve used in past. We’ll see if Eventbrite or TicketLeap is the better option this time around (I’ve used both in past), but I expect I’ll be organizing tickets through one of the two.

In the meantime, I’m looking at six workshops right now, with one about every two months. And I’ll be doing to be doing them on the following topics:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Contracts
  • Markets/Industry
  • Grants
  • [Undecided]

The order isn’t fixed yet. And if there’s enough interest I’d be willing to run these monthly and repeat the sequence twice over a twelve-month period so people only have to wait six months for a workshop to come round again rather than a year.

I’m also at this point open to suggestions on what people would want to see from the sixth workshop in this series. You’re welcome to chime in here or on any social media channel where you find me.

Can also double up on one of the other workshops if people are interested in doing that. I’m fairly flexible on this. :)

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