The Humanity of Monsters Coming Soon to TPL Circulation Near You

I was just looking at the Toronto Public Library page for The Humanity of Monsters, and there are five copies on order for general circulation!

I wax rhapsodic about libraries generally, and my home city’s library system, fairly frequently. (Usually in person. I don’t make the internet listen to me do it too often. :p ) But now I get to be ecstatic about the TPL for a much more personal reason. Hell, I can’t even remember how young I was when I got my first library card — young enough that it had some appalling childish scrawl in black block marker on the fucker — but I’m guessing that was 25+ years ago. I eventually had to replace that card. The new one does not have block marker scrawl. Though I think the “new” one is almost the same age. And though I’ve had the offer to change out my second TPL card for one of the newer ones, I’ve never taken a replacement. I’ll be using that current one until it falls apart. It’s got history.

And now not only does the TPL let me take an absurd number of items on loan from their catalogue in a given year. (Which I do.) But they’re also going to have circulation copies of a book I edited! :D

Specifically copies available at the Merril Collection (a non-circulating copy, reading room available only, but I love the collection, and I’ll take every opportunity to mention it, thank you very much), North York Central Library (my former long-time local branch!), Flemingdon Park, Guildwood, Long Branch, and the Lillian H. Smith (which houses the Merril Collection, so there’ll be two copies in that building! :D ).

I don’t quite qualify for the PLR with THoM. So that’s a milestone I still need to hit with another book down the road. But in the meantime THoM will soon be available to people to borrow from the Toronto Public Library! Score!

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