2015 Recommended Reading Post – Tomorrow

Ordinarily I would be posting the 2015 recommendations post today, but I’m behind on the reading and still have a fair amount of magazines I want to look through before I do that. Been fairly busy with work and life these last few weeks, so looking at putting up the list sometime tomorrow at this point.

The 15th of February goal is always kind of arbitrary anyway. It’s a good way of keeping me to some kind of schedule when trying to catch up with the prior year’s fiction output — what I can read of it in a given year, or can get access to since I can’t really afford to pick up subscriptions to anything right now.

I still end up with a fairly good overview of the field. And in the end it’s mostly a list of what I’ve read in the past year, and what I think is worth talking about. I would argue that certain things are award worthy, but I’m not really as concerned with posting things I think must be put up for awards as much as I am with signal boosting excellent fiction, in whatever form it may appear. It makes my recommendations somewhat scattershot. But I’m also less constrained by category. Though I still read most widely in short fiction and novel form. Just by virtue of proclivity and access.

There is also, as I was mentioning on Twitter a few days ago, the inevitable appearance of patterns to work read when cramming a year’s worth of reading from a single magazine. Or indeed collapsing the reading of a year’s worth of multiple magazines together over the space of a few days, or a few weeks as has been the case this year. There are most definitely trends and patterns in the field right now. Some positive, some not so much. (So much MFA-style pretty-but-empty fiction published in 2015, and so many clueless white men writing marginalized narratives and fucking up horribly. Just … holy fuck.) And as I’m not yet done the reading I set out to do, I’m seeing only bits and pieces of that pattern, but I think I will end up talking about what I’m seeing. Probably not when I put up the recommendations post. I think I’m going to want to contemplate further what I’m seeing before I sound off on everything.

In the meantime, I’m going to get back to reading. :)

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