First Short Story Sale of the Year

As a change from the usual The Humanity of Monsters updates kicking around the website, this time I get to announce my first short story sale of the year. Which actually happened in February, but I wanted to wait until I knew what issue the story would appear in before I announced this one. And now it can be told:

“In Quiet Voices Speak, Mother of Beasts,” will appear in issue 3 of Grendelsong, sometime in the summer!

It’s a fantastic venue — I listed two stories (the Gates and the Barthold) from issue 1 as recommended reading in the February recommendations post — and I’m delighted Paul Jessup liked that story enough to take it. I had a bit of a difficult time finding a home for it, and it’s one of those situations where I honestly hadn’t even thought to try sending anything Grendelsong‘s way until I read Jaym Gates’s “As the Sun Dies” in that first issue. After which I was pretty sure Grendelsong would be the right place for that story, if anywhere was. (Because you never really know if a story’s actually going to find a venue to place with. Some don’t.)

You’ll get a chance to read it for yourselves come summer, and in the meantime I’m going to go back to looking after all those other submissions of mine I’m tending to. :)

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