What’s That? A Tor.com review of THoM?

I do not have enough squee in me for this. I knew the review was coming. It’s just that every time I have any interaction with Tor.com involving anything I’ve worked on I am hit with the inevitable need to fangirl at length.

As one does….

Rather than force anyone to listen to my sustained high-pitch ululation of joy at the book being reviewed at Tor.com, you can go read Haralambi Markov’s critically-engaged (no, but seriously, fucking finally) take on the anthology.

There are many shout-outs to be had there. A few things I would argue, as with any and every review, but it’s such a generous review overall, and one engaged with the material in a context I’ve been waiting a while to see, that even if I were actually wont to comment here I’d refrain.

Go read. Enjoy. And then by all means feel free to pick up a copy of the book if you haven’t already. :)

Yes, I will occasionally just continue to prod people in the direction of buying the book. I made a thing, okay? (With the help of 26 other people.) I am totally biased in the opinion that you should partake of it. :p

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