Mark of the Beast Out for Kindle

Much like it says on the tin, apparently the Mark of the Beast anthology (in which my story “Against a Sea of Brilliant White” appears) is now out on Amazon for Kindle. I’m fairly certain that only the paperback version was available previously, and only through Chaosium’s own website. So we’re starting to see some expansion of availability for the anthology. :)

It also gets a nice cover revision. More subtle, and a better callback to Lon Chaney Jr.’s turn as the Wolf Man.

Now, technically, the anthology contains a slightly earlier version of my story. I’ve since revised it. But so be it. The inevitable outcome of selling a story is wanting to go back and fix it still more. Or it is for me. Sometimes I get to do that. Sometimes I just obsess and eventually revise the story after it’s seen publication, knowing that the revised version is what I’ll use for … well, for whatever … going forward.

It’s publishing. We’re all a little mad here. Drink your tea and go pick up a copy of the book if you’re so inclined, or feel free to spread the word. It’s all good. Just mind the dormouse on your way out and on.

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