Freelancing and Glue Factories

So, funny thing. For relative values of humour.

My much-loved computer has more or less decided to die. The Workhorse (as it is affectionately known) is maybe a month older than this website, so it’s been kicking around with me for a little over four and a half years. Not a bad run. And the Workhorse is limping along while I try and repair it one last time. But it’s ready to give up the ghost. In truth, I think it was ready to do so six months ago, I’ve just been getting everything out of it I can since it first started warning me it was going to die.

The Workhorse has lived up to its name. It’s an oversized 17″ Toshiba Satellite laptop that’s far heavier than a laptop should be, but withstood regular exposure to extremes in temperature (everything from Canadian polar vortex deep freezes to short, if sustained, equatorial broil) without complaint or falter, several moves in which it got tossed around a little more than intended … repeatedly, and near constant lugging around anywhere and everywhere. (My back and shoulders may not always thank me for that latter part….) In short: Toshibas are rugged as fuck, and I am going to miss that computer.

I’m currently working on the quite literally tiny backup computer — seriously, it’s not much more than half the size of the Workhorse. The backup computer is a holdover until I can acquire a new computer, since the backup is itself already a long campaigner and not meant to handle the workload I put a computer through.

— Have I mentioned the Workhorse lived up to its name? —

So I’m on the hunt for a new computer. And now we come to the actual point of this post, aside form the apparent need for me to eulogize my current computer (no, I wasn’t aware it was going to happen either):

As a freelancer I budget pretty carefully. Since I’ve been periodically repairing the Workhorse and I’d been hoping to get up to another six months out of it, a new computer was not in the budget right now. And to offset the cost of one, I’m going to need to pick up some additional freelance work. It’s been a fairly light start to the year anyway, so that was probably going to have to be the case at some point no matter what. But I digress.

As most of you reading this are already aware, I keep a freelancing website here, at Matheson Freelancing. (Inventive, I know.) I’d very much appreciate people spreading the word about those services again.

And/or feeling free to spread the word about the Art of Writing Arts Grants workshop I’m running come April 17th, at Bakka Phoenix Books in Toronto.

At this point, any additional revenue stream is helpful. Especially since I’m not sure what the exact cost of a new computer will be yet, beyond a general range.

All help spreading the word is appreciated. And if anyone has questions about the freelancing, or anything else really, by all means feel free to ask. :)

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