One Month Until the Next Writing/Editing Workshop

New computer in hand (see last post), I’m back to updating the website. And as of today, we’re one month away from the April 17th Art of Writing Arts Grants workshop I’m holding at Bakka Phoenix Books.

Given all the moving and other absurdity last year, I wanted to be more settled before I picked up doing the workshop series again. And given how this timed out, the grants workshop is first on the schedule because, though the information (specific and general) that I cover in the workshop is useful throughout the year and across a fair number of grant and private funding types, there are two specific grants for Ontario writers coming up in a couple of months:

The Toronto Arts Council Grants to Writers (Level One and Level Two) program, and the Ontario Arts Council Writers’ Works in Progress grant. The next deadlines for which both fall on June 15th.

It’s worth applying to both if you can. But if not, even just applying to the OAC grant is absolutely worthwhile, given the funding level.

And part of the reason to hold the grants workshop in April is to give people the information they need to craft or polish their grants for those June deadlines. The workshop covers, among other things: best practices for writing individual and organizational grants, how to self-assess content and quality, the ins and outs of required content, and how to best communicate your intent.

I find that range of content works fairly well whether you have a finished grant submission package or are still preparing one. Or multiple packages, for that matter.

The workshop ultimately ends up being tailored to what the participants need/want to know, so while the range of personal TAC, OAC, and CCA (Canada Council for the Arts) Literature grants get covered, organizational and publisher grants — of which there is a much broader range — may get covered as well.

As for what comes after: I expect I’ll be running the freelancing workshop after this one. So that’ll be in June, and the plan’s still to hold a workshop every two months.

As always, feel free to direct any questions here in the comments, or via e-mail using the Contact page of the website.

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