All the Words: Turning Superhero Universes Upside Down

I would like to have been cleverer than the above, but I think that’s the best I can manage right now with the weather throwing down freezing rain. Early Spring in Canada — just enough warm weather after the vernal equinox to throw you off your guard.

But the work with words, and the publication thereof, goes really rather well despite the weather’s occasional fits. Well enough, in fact, to the tune of a couple things to announce today:

The first is the sale of my story, “Until There is Only Hunger”, to Monica Valentinelli and Jaym Gates’s Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling anthology. I’m tackling the World Ends/Resets/Reboots trope, in case you were wondering.

There’s a fair bit going on with that story, and how it fits into a sequence of things (the other parts of which, so far written, I’m still trying to place), that I’ll leave the discussion of for another day.

Mostly because I want to, at this point, highlight the large number of utterly awesome people involved in that book. With fellow contributors including the likes of Alyssa Wong, Nisi Shawl, Maurice Broaddus, Haralambi Markov, Sunil Patel, A.C. Wise, Keffy Kehrli, Alethea Kontis, Delilah Dawson, and Kat Richardson (and that list just goes on), the book is chock full of excellent work across a variety of forms. Now all we have to do is wait for it to release….

And speaking of the release of books, today’s other news is that Superhero Universe: Tesseracts Nineteen, edited by Claude Lalumière, is now out in paperback, as well as in ebook form. I think the book releases in May in the US and elsewhere, but that could just be Amazon’s issue with release dates.

ETA: Finally managed to upload the images I’d planned to share when I made the original post. I’ve already shared these to Facebook, so some of you will have seen these. Including the first page of my story — because it’s good, shameless incentive for you to go and buy the book so you can finish it. :p

Superhero Universe CoverSuperhero Universe Interior

And now I’ll just be over here thinking about the fact that that sale to Upside Down means I’ll have four stories coming out this year. Which is already twice as many as I thought there’d be at the start of the year.

So, yeah. Things are going pretty well around here. :)


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