Your End of April Update (and Freelancing Availability Notice)

In looking at the calendar it appears that April is winding down. An inevitability, but one that snuck up awfully fast this time round. And came with a Spring that was largely Second Winter. Even now, we’re still having the dregs of it — Spring struggling to maintain its grip as the weather trampolines between what looks an awful lot like Summer and the pissing down of nearly-frozen rain as we tackle single digit temperatures again.

April may not be the cruelest month (in Canada that’s usually February), but it’s certainly indecisive.

And against that backdrop, it occurs to me I’ve posted next to nothing this month on the website. Just some updates around the grants workshop that was. (I’ll post about the next workshop coming up in June once a date’s nailed down for it.)

Mostly because I’ve been chasing work, or working. Speaking to which, I have freelancing slots available again. You can go to the Matheson Freelancing website to see prices and get in touch.

Though there have been other things in the works in the background that are more pertinent to the website. Mostly reviews. I’ve got a review of the February issue of The Dark to finish. Along with a review(/rant) of Batman v Superman: Ayn Rand’s Wet Dream that’ll go up first because that’s closer to being finished, despite being novelette length. Along with some other books I want to finish for review.

At this point in the proceedings, my 2016 reading notes tell me I’ve got far more things recorded in the did not finish column than those I’ve carried on with. I appear to be giving ever shorter shrift to books I might well have soldiered through several years ago. A number of factors behind that, which I’ll not go into here. I’m in a space where I would much rather focus on the positive aspects of the books I do care for and am enjoying immensely.

Also debating at some point soon writing a discussion of the intents and themes of The Humanity of Monsters, and a general look at the construction of the book from an anthologist’s point of view. Mostly because I’m a structure geek and there’s only really been one or two reviews that have touched on that thus far. I think it might be fun to talk about what I was aiming to do with that book, and the reason I picked the stories, and how they all fit together. It’s the kind of thing I always like reading about. Though, again: structure geek.

So yeah, I guess this is more of an inbetween post than anything else, while I finish up some stuff. It felt weird having the notice about last week’s grants workshop still be what showed up first on the landing page.

Though, hey, the freelancing availability note is more than a placeholder. And if people want to keep me rolling in the fanciest of goods (by which I mean groceries) feel free to spread the word that I am available to take on more freelancing clients right now. :)

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