Middle of the Month Roundup – May 2016

Got a mixed bag of things to cover in this roundup. Some relating to me, some to other people, as is ever the way:


Been crunching numbers this morning. Which, lets be honest, if you work as a freelancer you do a lot of by necessity. Had a few higher than expected work-related expenses the last little while, and that in combination with being light on freelancing projects right now means I could do with some more commissions.

I’ve got a fair number of slots open for freelance work in the latter half of the month, and carrying forward unless/until people start booking heavily. So now is a really good time to get in touch with me. E-mailing me at “mathesonfreelancing@gmail.com” is usually the most direct route.

If you’re curious about the various kinds of work I do — editing (fiction, non-fiction, academic), copywriting, and ghostwriting — there’s discussion of my services up on mathesonfreelancing.com. If you just want to know about the rates I charge, you can go straight to the Rates page there.


Also in the category of things I’m doing is the workshop: The Axe and the Scalpel – Editing Your Own Work. Just a little under a month to go until that happens on June 12th. Like the majority of the workshops I run it’s being held at 1 pm at Bakka Phoenix Books. Tickets are still available, or you can pay at the door (in which case please do let me know you’re coming beforehand).

As always, anyone attending gets a 10% discount coupon good for same day purchases at Bakka. And with this workshop people are encouraged to bring projects in progress to work on, in addition to the general discussion and Q&A the workshop will entail.

Open/Forthcoming Submission Calls of Note

: Today (May 15th) is the last day of their current submission period. Editor Jacob Haddon noted earlier today on FB that they can still take more submissions (they can only handle 300/month via Submittable) — at that time it was a little less than 50, may be lower still now, so get one in soon if you have something. Submission guidelines page here.

Their tone is primarily literary dark fiction with an attention to quality of writing. Their first issue is available for free here if you want to get a better feel for what they’re looking for. Lamplight takes originals and reprints up to 7,000 words in length. Pay is .03/word ($150 max; for reprints it’s .01/word). Simsubs are allowed.

I also recall that Damien Angelica Walters was going to be guest editing an upcoming issue of Lamplight. I assume that’s still the case, though I can’t recall to which issue that would apply.

Liminal Stories: More of a preparatory notice, this one. Liminal is reopening to submissions (both fiction and poetry) from June 1st – June 30th. Like LamplightLiminal publishes more literary work, though Liminal leans more toward a broader canvas in terms of content. Submission guidelines page here.

Liminal pays .06/word for fiction, and will take stories up to 10,000 words in length. They pay $50 for poetry, which may be any length (you may submit up to three at a time). Original material only. No simsubs.

If you want to get a better handle on the kind of work Liminal is publishing, you can find their first issue here, free to read online. It’s a well varied first issue, with A.C. Wise’s “The Men from Narrow Houses” and Octavia Cade’s “The Signal Birds” the strongest notes of the issue and balanced well as the opener and anchor, respectively. That first issue bodes well for future ones.

Both publications are open and welcoming to diverse, marginalized, and underrepresented content. Both exhibit a high level of quality. If you’re not already, you should be keeping an eye on both of these magazines.

And that’s all they wrote (for today). As always, feel free to spread the word. :)

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