More Open Submission Calls

After putting up yesterday’s post I came across calls for a couple of things I would have included therein. But rather than adding to that post I thought it better to hold off until I could do a proper writeup today. Posting this a little later today than I’d intended, but there’s still plenty of time for anyone who wants to to get something in for either/both calls. :)

More Open Calls of Note

: Their current submissions call is open through May 29th. Omenana‘s focus is on work from African and African Diaspora writers, with: “characters, settings or themes directly related to the African continent. Stories and art should challenge normative ideas about gender, sexuality, ethnicity and religious belief.”

They take only original work, though they not only take fiction (a maximum of 5,000 words in length), but creative non-fiction, essays, and reviews as well. See the full submission guidelines here for the length requirements of different categories. Omenana pays 1 NGN/word at this point, though they’ve been building good momentum, and the work they’ve produced since they their start at the tail end of 2014 has been uniformly excellent.

All of their material is available to read for free online if you want to get a better feel for the kind of work Omenana publishes.

People of Colo(u)r Destroy Fantasy
: This iteration of the ongoing Destroy issues of Lightspeed/Nightmare is geared to fantasy storytelling from PoC creators, and is open to submissions until June 15th. Daniel José Older’s guest editing this one overall, with individual section editors.

POC Destroy Fantasy is only accepting original submissions up to 7,500 words in length. They’ll be paying .08/word. See the full submission guidelines here.

All of the Destroy work so far has been exceptional, and it’s in keeping with the high calibre of work Lightspeed and Nightmare publish generally. If you want to get a feel for the kind of work POC Destroy Fantasy is looking for it’s worth browsing through Lightspeed and Nightmare‘s archives. (Keeping in mind Older’s note from the editor on the submissions guidelines page for what to aim for with regard to specifics.)

By all means spread the word on these calls, as with Liminal‘s still upcoming submissions period mentioned yesterday. They’re all excellent magazines, with aims and existing work well worth promoting. :)

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