Summer Novel Writing and Crowdfunding


Summer’s here (or so the Toronto weather informs us), and I’ve been writing a novel around my freelance gigs for two weeks now. I don’t generally write novels, but every once in a while I start one. The last one turned into an ongoing series of stories instead, so that happens sometimes. And the current one stopped being a stand alone and became the start of a series. So that also happens.

Right now though, the reason I bring this up, instead of just quietly working away at the novel and presenting it as a fait accompli down the road is that because I routinely work 12-18 hour days as a freelancer (it’s not exactly a glamorous life), writing a novel around that paid work is … difficult. So I’m once again turning to GoFundMe to try some crowdfunding.

In this case specifically to buy me time to be able to focus on the writing and get this book done — by trying to raise two full months worth of expenses/living costs. A book about … wait for it:

Women spies! Genderbent playwrights! An alternate/secret history novel with supernatural elements!

(Why yes, I am fond of exclamation marks. However did you know?)

You would like to know more about these genderbent playwrights and women spies, you say? Perhaps you would like to see the (at this point quite raw) workup jacket copy:

It’s the year 1600, the twilight of Elizabeth I’s reign and the dawn of a new century.

Seven years since Kit (Katharine) Marlowe left her former masquerade as Christopher Marlowe behind to continue her service as agent to the Queen under royal spymaster Lord Robert Cecil. While Anne Shakespeare is just trying to live her life as the playwright her husband, William, pretends to be at her request; keep alive her closest friend Kit’s legacy along with her own career; raise her surviving children; and forget how much she misses the spy’s life she left behind to have them.

That is, until Kit calls on Anne to recruit her for one last job: to stop The Zealot, once in the service of Mary, Queen of Scots; a Catholic fanatic both playwrights thought two decades dead. A fanatic who seeks to call up forsaken powers to put an end not just to the crown, but to the nation itself; for if a royal of the true faith cannot lead them, then there shall be no nation left to rule.

I’m tempted to just keep talking about the book here. But I’ve already expanded on what the book’s doing (including the fact that this version of Marlowe is a queer/bi-racial depiction, and that the book is primarily focused on women and people of colour) over on the GoFundMe campaign page.

So, you know, you can go read more about this project there. :)

In the meantime, I’m starting to spread the word about this. And I appreciate very much the aid of anyone willing to do likewise.

(The image heading this post has nothing to do with the novel directly, I just love the visual. And it’s tonally adjacent to what I’m doing, so as good an image to headline this post as any.)

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