Next Workshop (in August) Details

The next workshop in the ongoing series, “Intent and Impetus – Writing Goals and Support Mechanisms,” is scheduled for Sunday, August 14th at Bakka Phoenix.

As always, you can buy tickets online (at the link above) or pay at the door. For the latter I’ll make my usual request that you let me know you’re coming in advance via e-mail at “”.

This workshop is the first half of a paired set dealing with aspects of writing. “Style and Substance” (which I expect to run some time in October; the date’s not yet set) is the other half that will deal more directly with the mechanics of writing in different forms and at different lengths. “Intent and Impetus” prepares the way for that workshop by first looking at intents and goals on an individual basis, and the support mechanisms available to writers that make those goals possible. (More info at the link above.)

Both workshops are broad in terms of their focus, and there’ll be a fair amount of in-class discussion as always.

All attendees get a 10% discount coupon that can be used for same day purchases at Bakka, and people are welcome to bring samples of their work to discuss during the workshop. As usual there’ll be a Q&A following.

If you have questions, by all means ask. :)

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