Given everything that’s been going on in the last couple of weeks and the rising body count be it in large-scale attacks or individual murders, I’ve been mostly off the blog and pulling back on social media. Aside from the usual signal boosting of the voices who should be heard that I do when the world goes to shit. And 2016 has been consistent at doing that, hasn’t it?

I had planned to post about things going on on this end (workshop runup and what have you), and post another blog toward the novel writing and the attendant fundraising. But I’m on overload at this point given what’s going on with the world, and it feels incredibly trivial promoting those things while there are more important things to talk about. So I’m leaving promotional posting for later to step back a bit, take some downtime, and focus mostly on my freelance work and the writing of the novel.

For those curious about how things are going with the latter, the book’s sitting at about 30k, and since the project started I’ve written another 15k+ of notes and scene/plot blocking toward it. A combined ~45k then of writing on the project since it kicked off. Still a ways to go at this point, but not bad given that I’m doing all of this around the paying work, and that my time’s split between research and writing.

That said, the only exception to not doing anything promotional I will make in this post is that though I’m doing some ongoing July work for a couple of clients, if anyone wants to book some editing/copywriting/ghostwriting for the back half of this month I’ve got the time and could definitely do with another job or two this month in terms of finances. All the information around that’s over here at the Matheson Freelancing website. And/or everyone can just reach me directly at “”.

If anyone needs me for anything else I’m still here. I’ll just be a little quieter the next little while.

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