New Story Sale – Shimmer

As the contracts are now in place I’m comfortable announcing that I’ve sold my story “And In That Sheltered Sea, a Colossus.” Said story will appear in an issue of Shimmer in early 2017.

Which is awesome (for me, anyway; YMMV) for a couple of reasons:

First, because the story is part of a series that includes “Until There is Only Hunger” which sold to Monica Valentinelli & Jaym Gates’ Upside Down anthology. There’s another two stories set in that universe still on submission, and it’s fantastic to see these start to find homes.

Second, it took me 6 years and 21 tries (including the story that just sold) to make it into Shimmer. So you could say this is something I’ve been working for for a while. :)

Let this also be encouragement to those of you concerned about continuing to send to a market that’s rejected your work. And I say this as an editor as well: If they say they want to see more of your work, they mean it. Even if they don’t, unless people actively ask you to stop sending to them, keep working at it. Especially if it’s a market that matters to you.

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