August Updates and Five Years of Blogging

Yup, five years of running this blog. For some reason it always comes as a surprise when August rolls around and there it is, another year of blogging logged.

I feel like the following image appropriately encapsulates this experience:

And now for your (ir)regularly scheduled August updates:

Well, quick notes on things, really.

First update out of the gate is that I’m going to cancel the Intent and Impetus – Writing Goals and Support Mechanisms workshop that was to be held on August 14th. I’ve had only minimal response to the workshop and given how close we are to the date with little sign of more interest, I’d rather spend that time focused on other projects needing doing this month. The next workshop down the line will be the writing (technique and craft) one in October — I’ll be working out a date for that one a little down the line, and closer to the event itself.

Second, there’s another blog post for the novel-in-progress coming up. The novel draft constituting almost 45k written at this point (and climbing), and there being more elements of it I’m looking forward to talking about while I continue to work at writing it.

Further to discussion of the blogging around the novel, the crowdfunding to buy time to write it is still ongoing. And if you want to pitch something in toward getting that done, you can do so here.

Everything helps. Thus far it’s been grocery money, and believe me that is incredibly helpful.

Speaking to money brings us to the third update:

I’m still looking to bolster this month’s freelance work. The website talking about the freelance work I do (Matheson Freelancing) being here. If anyone needs work done (editing, copywriting, ghostwriting, and other services), or knows someone who does, I appreciate any and all aid in that regard, including something as simple as signal boosting.

More updates on these and other topics as they come in. :)

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