Women Spies and Genderbent Playwrights — Novel Complete!

Novel completion post

This is the fourth post in an ongoing blog series talking about the novel I’m writing (women spies and genderbent playwrights!), set in London in 1600. You can find the first blog post about the novel hereThe second here. And the third here.

Well, the first draft of the novel is complete. Which I am still celebrating. :D

The novel’s been done since last Wednesday, and I’ve been taking some much-needed downtime since to get some other work done and just catch up on sleep.

Took me about three weeks longer than I was expecting to put the novel together. There was one week in that three month span where I was quite ill and wrote nothing, and another couple weeks where I was dealing with freelancing and financial snafus during which my head was absolutely elsewhere. But with that taken into account, I came pretty close to the three months or so I thought it would take me to write the novel.

That’s not magic nor prescience, I wrote five novels between 2010 and 2012 (none good enough to publish, and all in the end more practice toward learning how to properly write a novel), so I know how long it takes me to do this.

[ETA: Apparently I don’t count well when tired? Wrote this blog last night, and completely miscalculated how long it had taken me to write the book. Thought it was four months (and repeatedly said so here, now corrected), but it was three months and a few days counting the three weeks during which I didn’t really get any writing done. So apparently I write a novel these days much faster than I think? As in just over two months. O_o ]

And the finished novel itself seems to currently work — we’ll see how that holds up after some critique on this draft ;)

As it stands now, the book’s a little the works of Marlowe and Shakespeare (especially A Midsummer Night’s Dream), and a lot RED and B.P.R.D. All of this by way of alt history Elizabethan era historical fiction, and a Queer and PoC heavy/centric book.

I am very happy with that state of affairs. And yes, this is definitely the start of a series. Now comes cleanup, revising, and all the rest of the work that comes with taking a first draft and moulding it into a working novel. But that first draft is done.

While there may yet be more posts concerning the novel at this juncture (I’m undecided), since the book’s done I’m shutting down the fundraiser. What it was started for is done, and those funds indeed bought me time in the form of groceries I didn’t need to freelance toward buying, so a huge thank you for that aid. (Maybe except for that one really weird comment — I still can’t parse what that was trying to say.) And a huge note of thanks too to everyone who helped share the project around.

It’s been fun getting to talk about this one with people, even though I normally play things closer to the chest. And now that that fundraising’s done I may go dark on this project again for a little bit.

As to what else is up next for me (beyond anything related to this project), there are other stories I want to work on, some anthology projects I’m debating pitching (we’ll see if I have the time to work on them), and a lot of freelancing to chase down. It’s been a slow year in that regard, though it’s not quite yet the equivalent of ambulance chasing. ;)

Beyond that? Sleep. Like, no fucking around, I am exhausted from pulling this book together while chasing work, and freelancing full time for the last three or so months. Thus there is some more crashing on and off in my near future alongside the rest of the work I need to get done.

One day I may even take one of these, what do you call them, “vacations”? Sounds like an interesting concept….



Do you love women spies, genderbent playwrights, and alt/secret history novels? Awesome, me too! And thanks again to everyone who helped make the writing of this one possible. :D

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