(Almost) Mid-Month Updates, Grants, and Winter Projects

Yes, I know it’s still Autumn, but today didn’t feel like it around here. And some of the things addressed below verge into the coming Winter.

I’d planned, as is the (intended) custom around here as of late, to post a mid-month update on goings on and apprise people of things upcoming. Then the OAC mailed the results of the June Writers’ Works in Progress applications slightly earlier than expected, by about a couple of days.

I did not get a grant this cycle, so will be applying again when next able, and waiting on the other 18 grant responses I’ve got coming in sometime over the next few months. (I apply to everything I’m eligible for and have work that might be appropriate for, because why not? You can’t get a grant for something you haven’t applied to.) Though a couple of excellent writers whose names I recognize did get OAC grants this cycle, and a fair number of writers I’m not familiar with did as well. Which is my way of leading up to saying: Congratulations to everyone who did get a grant! It’s a damn fierce competition, and more power to all of you. :)

I never expect to get grants applied for (I think you go mad doing so), but I do always hope to. And with this one not a go it means I really do need to have rather a more hasty hand in mentioning some things on this end, relevant mostly to freelancing and the next couple months:

I work out in the world — because it was a slow summer in terms of freelance and I like eating and, you know, paying my rent — but the freelancing is still where a lot of my revenue comes from. So while I do have some smaller jobs coming together for October and November, this is the part where I point out that I am available for larger jobs (writing or editing freelance work) through the end of this month until the end of the year. In 2017, too, but I don’t usually schedule jobs more than a couple months in advance. Still, if people want to schedule work for 2017, by all means, let me know. I’m here. I like buying food.

The freelancing website is, as always, here at Matheson Freelancing. Rates are on the site, and though the site only directly addresses the major types of work I do as a freelancer, I’m open to other types of writing and editing work as people need. Feel free to query, either by contacting there, or directly at mathesonfreelancing@gmail.com.

In terms of things less open-ended and more time-limited (but that still help pay the bills), the Style and Substance writing workshop is coming up next Sunday (the 16th), at Bakka Phoenix Books. Still tickets available for that, and attendees are also welcome to pay at the door as always — and that saves you the hassle of the processing fee through Eventbrite.

I probably won’t be doing a workshop in December, just because it’ll be so close to the holidays. I may shift the schedule again and slide the workshop after this month’s into January. Depends on what the weather’s like. If we get the cold, hard winter that’s been predicted I may hold off on having a workshop until things settle into better state again.

And re things that are slightly longer term, I will note for any editors of my acquaintance looking to fill out projects or anthologies: I have a small set of stories I’m currently trying to place. Some on submission, others I’m still looking for places to send them. But nonetheless a couple of available stories. I’m here. Hit me up. I may have already found your submission calls, I may not. Who’s to know?

And this potentiality of hitting me up for work, I assume, would be something you would do after you’ve already spoken to the many excellent POC writers of your acquaintance (or soon to be acquaintance) whose work you should be seeking out for the same purpose before you come to me.

Which, on several related notes, brings me to pointing out that I’ve got a project on the go that a couple of other people and I are going to start talking about come (if all things go according to plan) at the beginning of November. That’s going to be fun to finally start talking about publicly after a fairly long gestational period. Check back in a couple of weeks to see what’s going on. Or speculate now; I know I always do when someone says they have a secret project in the works. And I mayyy be convinced to drop some hints as the weeks go on. We’ll see. :)

Beyond that, Autumn and Winter around these parts are going to be dedicated to novel revision and submission. I’m posting that last part to keep myself honest and actually do it, because I really hate writing synopses. I’m enabling the stereotype around writers despising them, I know, but there’s a reason that particular stereotype exists.

Still, it’s the women spies/genderfluid playwrights/alternate history novel. Which has just been inordinately fun to write. So even the synopsis work on that one won’t be as onerous as on some projects.

And that would be the state of things for the rest of this month, trending into others as we go. With further updates to come.

As always, help spreading the word on the freelancing and the workshops and the like is always appreciated. :)

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