New Editing Project Come November – Today a Tease

Some of you may recall that in the mid-month updates post I hinted at a secret project with its first stages coming up (fingers crossed) at the start of November. Today, a little more information, in the form of a tease:

I love editorial work. Editorial work on my preferred themes and foci still more. Publishing — as a whole, really — is full of amazing things going on right now (new mags and anthologies launching in various corners of the field, people of colour and queer representation gaining a better foothold, albeit it slowly and painfully), as well as some fucking spectacular failures (just … so many). It’s an extraordinary time to be doing anything with an impact on the field, be it short or long term.

This project is one that’s been coming together for a couple of years now. And it’s one I’m working on with some friends. We’re going to start rolling out discussion about it in a few days, but until then, I will tell you this:

It starts with an A.

Specifically, this A:

Who’s excited for November? :D

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