Where Do We Go From Here?

This post is long. Bear with me or do not. There is much to be done, and I have no time to waste.

I am starting this post by reposting things from Facebook. Those of you who’ve already read these posts should feel free to skip down to the bottom of the links below. These repostings are both record and preamble.

On seeing the election results and Trump’s acceptance speech:

I’m going to repost here what I was just putting up on Twitter. Because I figure it might as well be everywhere, and why rant on only one social media outlet when you can do it on several?

Listening to this fascist’s acceptance speech. Some pretty terrifying dog whistles in this address. A “deal well with us & survive” subtext. Sure, there’s a lot of “We’ll be great. We’ll do great things. I’m a unifier.” But all these clauses are conditionals. Just better couched.

So here’s the thing. I’m queer. I’m half-Jewish. My S.O. is a person of colour. If you voted Republican, you despise all that I am. You demonstrated that you despise people who intersect with those points and further on. You demonstrated you despise the marginalized. A vote for the Republicans demonstrated that you don’t understand what democratic [meant “domestic”] or international politics actually looks like, or why.

If you voted Republican you chose isolationism, xenophobia, racism, sexism, and put a rapist in a position where he’s immune to civil suits. He can still be prosecuted for criminal acts, buy he’s now inviolable to civil law suits. & all branches of U.S. government now Republican. U.S. checks and balances only function with opposing forces in different branches of power. U.S. system wasn’t meant for full mandate.

You’ve elected a lawmaker who doesn’t know how the U.S. forms and enacts laws. A man who WILL use the executive order function.

And I can go on like this.

There’s blame for this to go round to so many people. But YOU who voted Republican: the coming nightmare is on you. If you voted Trump, unfriend me. We have no common ground that will outweigh that.

On last night’s “Election 2016: Exit Polls” via the New York Times:

A terrifying and yet entirely predictable state of affairs, these exit polls paint a very specific picture of what happened yesterday. They show that politics of fear, falsehood, division, and hate carried the night. They show that at its core America is fundamentally two countries. As we always knew. I think all of us (US and non-USians alike) hoped we’d hit a place where the simmering hatred was slowly fading as we moved away from the ideologically loudest horrors of our global past. But it seems, from these exit polls and everything this campaign brought back to light, America doesn’t understand, nor want, to be a part of the larger world. The US talks about the American experiment, but not about the global experiments occurring beyond its borders. America tried to turn back the clock last night, and wall itself off from the global community. And probably ended or crippled its time as a global superpower in the process – it depends how quickly and how sharply the Republicans enact their ideological makeover of the country, and how much fighting can and will be done against that. (Though the system for political redress and governmental protections of the most vulnerable has already been systematically weakened – targeted by demagogues and ideologues whose only motivation was hate and fear.)

I hear the distant calls from white nationalists demanding that their voices be heard, and I say you NO. No, you do not get to deny others the right to exist. The era of polite conversation is over. They have killed it. The wakened fascists in America have made the battleground of its lay and sweep more openly a naked wound again. And the coming four years are terrifying.

Break out the rhetoric we hoped we wouldn’t ever have to call on again in earnest, or as more than warning and bolster of troubled democracy: America just kitted itself up in Nazi regalia while the rest of us look on in horror.

And on the spread (and resurgence) of white nationalism and fear politics closer to home here in Canada, on “Kellie Leitch latches on to Trump Victory” from Maclean’s:

We do not let this happen here. NO. We fight what festers in us. Do we forget Harper and the rest of our history of hate so quickly? No.

The current Canadian government is weak. Propped up by not being as bad as what came before. But that is the space in which the cracks are all too easily widened.


For wider thoughts from others:

Read David Remnick’s “An American Tragedy” from The New Yorker.

Read #Our100’s An Open Letter to Our Nation from 100 women of colour leaders.

Read @absurdistwords’ Twitter thread about tearing down illusions and rebuilding what remains.

Engage self care. As @tatiana said on Twitter:

Just a friendly PSA worth tweeting, if you’re sober and in recovery – don’t drink or use no matter what – even if tonight feels apocalyptic.

And for anyone who needs it, here is the link for the 24 hour, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The number is: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). It’s free and confidential.

The Trans Lifeline (U.S. Transgender Suicide Hotline) is also available: (US) 877-565-8860, (Canada) 877-330-6366.

And for something you can do right now to help others, I give you Joanna Rothkopf’s “A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support” over at Jezebel.

Yesterday I watched America try to destroy itself. Yesterday I watched the majority of white America try to destroy everyone else, and many of their own.

Today I am in mourning. But tomorrow I go back to work.

Tomorrow I go back to promoting Anathema. Tomorrow I post the update we delayed posting today because today funds need to go to organizations that will aid those now in danger for their health, their bodies, and their right to be people — their right to exist at all.

Tomorrow I will go back to teaching others how to tell their stories, and running workshops, and teaching others how to navigate the publishing field to which I have been dedicating my life these last years, and will continue to do going forward.

Tomorrow I go back to writing my books and stories in which queer people of colour are heroines and their stories are the ones that matter. Tomorrow I go back to reading and promoting the work of queer writers, writers of colour, disabled writers, and other marginalized writers. Tomorrow I go back to seeking out their work and making sure that their voices aren’t lost in the onslaught of what’s coming; because their voices are the ones that matter. Tomorrow I continue to support them, as I have done, as you should do, as we all need do if we are to reclaim the world from the terrors that are coming.

And they are coming. They are here. They have always been here.

Tomorrow I go back to fighting.

And to those of you who did this. To those of you who stand with Trump, and the white supremacists, the KKK, the Neo-Nazis, and all the labelled and unlabelled brands of the loathsome, foetid filth of humanity — those who support and foment those ideologies, that hatred, and that incitement to murder and annihilation — I say this to you:

If you are for hate, I oppose you. If you are for silencing others, I oppose you. If you are for the dehumanization, degradation, and murder of others, I oppose you. If you are for yourself only and the rest of the world matters not to you, I oppose you.

You wanted war? Fool, we have always been at war. You threaten our survival. You were always against us existing. We have always been at war with you.

With the towering core of rage that is the heart of me at this moment, I oppose you. And will protect others. This body I inhabit is possessed of strength in reasonable measure. It is fearsome when used well. It is not always as strong as it might be, for I am not always as strong as I might be, in multiple means. But I will stand in front of others as shield before I let you take them from me. Before I let you take them from us.

I will fight you with every breath in this body.

You will not win. You did not win. We thought we’d taught you other ways of being. We were wrong. You sheltered your secret, hating hearts from the rest of us and got away with murder and rape and decimation of others where you could. Quietly as you had always done. Then you grew bolder. And we thought we could contain you. We thought we could change you, or lessen your hate with our love.

But we were wrong.

You want a war? You’ve got a war.

You will not win.

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