Upside Down is Out Today


Today’s the release day for Monica Valentinelli & Jaym Gates’ anthology Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling. My story, “Until There is Only Hunger” appears alongside some exquisitely good work from a range of fantastic authors and essayists, including Maurice Broaddus, Delilah Dawson, Haralambi Markov, Nisi Shawl, Alyssa Wong, A.C. Wise, and a metric fuckton of other awesome people.

The book’s already hit #1 New Release in Science Fiction Short Stories on Amazon. Not too shabby for the book’s first day out in the world. :)

I highly recommend grabbing a copy for all the work therein. But there is potentially another reason to pick it up more directly related to my own fiction:

For those who like following the (admittedly infrequent) connecting lines of my stories, “Until There is Only Hunger” is part of a larger body of connected pieces (two placed, two more on sub, others in the works) I refer to collectively as “Titan and Serpent.”

The next of these stories chronologically (as yet), “And in That Sheltered Sea, a Colossus,” will be available to read in Shimmer come March. The stories stand on their own, but if you’re interested in the larger framework narrative, it’s worth picking up a copy of Upside Down so you can be caught up by the time the next story goes live.

And if that doesn’t sell you on buying the book — lord, but you’re a hard sell, aren’t you? ;) — then here, have the opening few paragraphs of my story as incentive:

BONES COME UNDONE AT the Magician’s touch. Wind themselves up like silver and dance into the air. Strung like copper wire. Their fire a shimmering, living thing.

She’s all smiles for the crowd.

And, of course, they are never her bones. That’s not the trick.

The trick is to keep the audience from noticing how much lighter they all feel. They’ll notice a twinge, an emptiness later, deep in the night, when the carnival is done and home and the softness of white-sheeted beds have called. When sweet-souled revenants beckon, and the witching hour is but a memory.

Everyone gives something for the magic. That’s how it works. You are not spectator. You are participant. Always.

By all means do come along for the rest of the ride. And once again, you can purchase a copy of Upside Down here. Enjoy the book. :)

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2 Responses to Upside Down is Out Today

  1. Vasha says:

    Hi — just wanted to tell you that I loved this mysteriously beautiful story. Even in such a strong anthology it stood out because of the careful use of words. Like the Magician leaving the doomed city, “pass[ing] through the black gates as the rising sun lights their edges in pale fire” — sign of the destruction of that black fortress huddling amidst a world in dissolution stalked by strange and predatory things. And it’s kind of a bleak world but the circus people watch out for each other, so it’s not a grim story. Anyhow, I will be looking for your other stories.

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