Happy Holidays and an Anathema Guidelines Preview

Happy holidays to all! The sun is down, so Hanukkah has officially started and will take us into 2017. And Christmas Eve here has been a nice day in the city, full of the beginnings of a gradual return to longer days and warmer weather. (With some cold snaps and deep freezes in the offing until we get there, because Winter.).

I’ve spent today winding down after several days of far too much work, trying to get a project done and out the door. Had planned to work today as well, but it’s not the day for it. Mostly I’m taking today and tomorrow off. But I do have a gift for everyone before I do so. :)

Last post I mentioned that I wanted to give people a head start on seeing what our full guidelines were going to look like at Anathema, given that we’re opening to subs the same day the guidelines (and the website more generally) go live. So here it is, the basic breakdown of information you need to know to prep your subs for Anathema: Spec from the Margins, and some other pertinent information as well:

Anathema Guidelines (the Super Condensed Preview Version) and More


  • Fiction: 1,500-6,000 words (soft min/max, but please within that general range). Original fiction only, no reprints. Must have some speculative content, however slight. No restriction on genre.
  • Non-Fiction: 1,500-3,000 words (soft min/max, but please within that general range). Original content only, no reprints.
  • Simultaneous submissions allowed (please do notify us if you sell your sub somewhere else so we can remove it from consideration). No multiple submissions.
  • Cover art: Portfolio previews/links thereto preferred, rather than single piece submissions.
  • You must be a queer person of colour/visible minority to submit to Anathema. (That covers a lot of ground, but if you have questions please do query us.)


  • Fiction: $50 (CAD).
  • Non-Fiction: $50 (CAD).
  • Cover art: $100 (CAD).
  • We’re paying primarily through PayPal, but will arrange other payment methods as necessary.

Rights (Fiction, Non-Fiction):

  • First Electronic Rights (Online and eBook).
  • 4 months exclusivity from date of publication, archiving unless requested to remove story/non-fiction by author.

Rights (Art):

  • Electronic Rights (Online and eBook).

Submissions Windows/Issue Release Dates:

  • Our submission windows are the entire months of January, May, and September. All responses will be sent out by the end of the next month after a submission window closes. (So the longest you’ll ever have to wait for a response from us is at most about eight weeks.)
  • Issues of Anathema will be released in April, August, and December. (Right now we’re aiming for the first day of each release month. We might adjust that to the first Tuesday of each month though; we’ll see.)

All of our content will be free to read online. In order to support the cost of the magazine we will be selling eBooks of each issue individually, selling subscriptions, and there’s a Patreon in the works as well.

And seriously, when we say no restriction on genre re fiction, we mean that. In the crowdfunding campaign we framed what we cover as “(SF/F/H, the weird, slipstream, surrealism, fabulism, and more).” Use that as a starting point and send whatever you want: as long as it’s got some kind of speculative content we’ll consider it.

Where non-fiction is concerned, you can pitch us an idea, but we’ll only be purchasing completed essays or other non-fiction.

We’ll be posting the Anathema e-mail address once the guidelines are live, so between now and January, if you have questions you can ask us on Twitter (@anathemaspec), ask us on the Anathema Facebook page, or even comment here.

That said, we’re looking forward to seeing submissions in January. And in the meantime, a most excellent holiday season to one and all. :D

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