Anathema Open to Subs, and Freelancing Notes


I’m foregoing digging up an image for this blog as it’s just a quick couple of notes:

Anathema: Spec from the Margins

In all the chaos of the last few days — what with the New Year and all — I haven’t had a chance to note here that Anathema: Spec from the Margins is open to submissions of fiction, non-fiction, and cover art. We’ve outlined what we’re looking for on the Anathema submission page (linked above), and we’re eager to see more of what’s coming in. As we’re also in the process of setting up listings with various market listing aggregators, Andrew, Chinelo, and I would appreciate that anyone who uses sites like Duotrope and The (Submission) Grinder please file your submissions to us with them.


Owing to a banking error back in November, I’ve been dealing with a running shortfall from a very large freelancing payment that never came through. As the situation has yet to be rectified (despite multiple attempts), I’ve been taking any and all freelancing work I can to make up for it. Given how long the situation has gone unfixed, it’s starting to be more than a small problem at this point (yes, I am understating matters), so if anyone has freelance work they need done or knows someone who does, I would very much appreciate people sending work my way as soon as possible. Rates and types of editing available can be found on the Matheson Freelancing website.

2017 is proving an interesting year thus far. Going to be a hell of a ride, one way or another. Here’s hoping it’s a good one. :)

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