Anathema’s 1st Sub Window Closing Soon

As of this writing, there are just three days left to submit your stories, non-fiction, and art for Anathema: Spec from the Margins‘ inaugural submission window. Come end of day, January 31st (approximately UTC -5, though within a few hours of that is fine), the current submissions window will close and we’ll be taking February to decide on our lineup. The next submission window will open May 1st.

Over the course of this first submission window we’ve seen some fantastic things. Mostly fiction and art at this point. And, oddly, an awful lot of flash fiction. O_o

Given how close we are to the close of this submission window, I want to thank everyone who has already sent their work, and encourage anyone who was thinking about doing so but hasn’t yet to please send their work. Don’t self-reject; if you’re a queer person of colour we want to see your work.

The thing we’ve been stressing at Anathema is that we’re open to pretty much everything and anything that’s got a speculative element and otherwise fits in our guidelines (see the link above) coming from the marginalised groups the magazine is meant to give further voice to. Some things are, admittedly, a harder sell given our editorial tastes. But the only thing we’re rejecting out of hand is all the subs from the straight white guys who keep sending their work. Reading comprehension is apparently not strong with the majority of the white cishet submitting set. Though, given how long I’ve been a submissions editor in different capacities that wasn’t exactly a surprise….

Nevertheless, the thing I want to focus on and leave you with here is what we do want at Anathema:

We want exceptional art. We want beautifully wrought works (fiction, non-fiction, and art) in which we see you invested. We want work that lands like a gut punch. Work that catches us unaware and takes away our breath in that extraordinary moment in which everything falls together. Work that’s quiet in its execution, and lingers like a bruise, deepening into the darkness between stars the longer we stare into its depths.

Wow us. Make us care. Show us things we can’t begin to imagine.

Above all, give us the chance to read and view your work. We can’t consider what’s never subbed. So take that chance. :)


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