A Matter of Time – Anathema and 2016 Recommendations


Was going to post re Anathema yesterday, but it ended up being a fuller day than I’d expected, so blogging about the mag now:

We’ve extended the submissions window for Anathema: Spec from the Margins‘ inaugural issue until February 15th. We had some excellent submissions, but we want a wider pool to work from. As always, the submission guidelines can be found here.

We’re especially interested in seeing more fiction right now. And to that end we talked about what we want to see in this Twitter thread. As well as some more general thoughts about why we want to see those things.

Point is: If you were planning on subbing something to us but missed the initial deadline, you still have time to put your sub together. :)

2016 Recommendations

Posting about this in brief as it’s still forthcoming. I’d figured I could have this up by the end of January. I was … overconfident. Still reading toward having everything compiled, and aiming for the 7th at this point. I’d still prefer to have the recommendations post up as far before the 15th as possible, but if the latter date is when it’s ready then so be it.

Also still debating splitting the Books Read in 2016 section into its own post. Mostly to avoid conflating the general reading and the recommendations. I suspect it’ll come down to how much time I have to get everything done that I want to this month. February’s shaping up busy, but it looks like it should be a good month in many ways.

Updates will be forthcoming. Unless the posts just start showing up first. :D

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