Happy Birthday to Me

2016 was an interesting year, and a busy one. Generally so for the world, and definitely so in my corner of it. Massive ups, massive downs. Sometimes the world seemed like it was coming apart at the seams. Sometimes it still does. But we are, those of us writing and reading this, still here. And that’s something.

For me, part of that still being here involves the beginning of yet another trip around the sun. 2017 is shaping up very strange indeed. And, honestly, thus far it’s been a financial clusterfuck on my end. Hopefully it’s going better for everyone else.

Hell, I’ll be happy when I can afford to buy books again. (It’s been a while.)

In the meantime, if you’d like to, in the spirit of the day, do me a solid then I have two things you can do for me:

1. Hire me for some freelancing work, or pass along the word that I’m available. The last job I took on managed to cover this month’s rent and was supposed to go further, but a screw up in currency exchange rates has left me with yet another shortfall and there does not appear to be a way to rectify that error (yay ongoing financial clusterfucks…). So, seriously, more work asap would be great. And by “great” I mean: “Oh hey, that money I got screwed out of was supposed to buy me groceries for the whole of this month.”

2. The first issue of Anathema (you know, that fiction mag I edit with Andrew Wilmot and Chinelo Onwualu) lands April 4th, and it would be just absolutely swell if you’d take a look at our subscription packages. Anathema‘s issues are free to read online and will always be so, but we’re using sales of individual issues and subscriptions to fund paying contributors past the first year (which is covered thanks to all those of you who contributed to the crowdfunding we ran). We’d also love to raise enough money to raise our rates at some point, but right now we just want to pull together funds to keep going past year one.

With no issues out yet, there’s only so much I can do to entice you to support Anathema at this point. Andrew, Chinelo, and I bring reasonably good credentials to the endeavour. And for those not already aware, Anathema‘s mission statement is this:

Exceptional art is a bruise: it leaves its mark on you. At its best it leaves us vulnerable and raw, transformed by the experience. At Anathema we’re interested in giving that exceptional work a home. Specifically the exceptional work of queer people of colour (POC). As practicing editors we’re keenly aware of the structural and institutional racism that makes it hard for the work of marginalized writers to find a home.

So Anathema: Spec from the Margins is a free, online tri-annual magazine publishing speculative fiction (SF/F/H, the weird, slipstream, surrealism, fabulism, and more) by queer people of colour on every range of the LGBTQIA spectrum.

Beyond that … well, there’s one other thing I can do…

Though we’re holding off announcing the full lineup of contributors to the inaugural issue until everything’s squared away, we don’t embargo our contributors from announcing that they’ve sold content to us. Which means I can point out to you that two of the thoroughly excellent people who’ll have stories in issue one have already shared that information:

They gave us some fucking amazing content to work with. As did the other contributors we’ll be revealing in advance of the issue’s release.

And like I said, Anathema‘s issues are free to read so if you’re in a position to toss some funds our way, great. But if not, come read the issues anyway as we release them. Because if the way the first issue shaped up is any indication of what we’re going to pull together going forward then you’re in for a treat. :)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go force myself to take the day off from work. Or try, anyway.

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