Anathema Issue 1 is Live!

(We have an updated logo. We are excessively pleased with it.)

Okay, so Anathema‘s inaugural issue (April 2017) has technically been live online since yesterday. I just didn’t blog about it then because I spent most of yesterday doing launch work, mailing out subscriptions, disbursing contributor payments, and getting non-Anathema related work done. And then the day was over. So today is for blogging about Anathema being out. Even late in the day though it now be (because today was also fairly full).

Said blogging mostly consists of letting you know that Anathema Issue 1 is available to read for free online, or to purchase as an eBook (or you can buy subscriptions from our store – we have tiered subscription rates) by directing you to this other blog I wrote over on the Anathema site.

Because then I don’t have to repeat everything I said there. :D

We’ve been getting some really good (and thankfully positive) feedback thus far, which is immensely gratifying. As editors, we’ve been putting this thing together for a while and we like the work in Issue 1 (obviously, or we wouldn’t be running it), but the big question is always: “Will people enjoy this content as much as we do? Will people connect with it?” Technically, yes, I know, that’s two questions. But so far the answer seems to be yes to both.

And now that that issue’s out, there’s a small window of downtime before the next submissions window (we reopen to unsolicited submissions May 1st). A little bit, anyway. All the promotion and back end work continues. But the breather’s nice. Especially since the editorial team puts Anathema together on an unpaid basis – all the money Anathema makes goes into paying for content, design work, or the website.

And before we would even consider taking salaries out of this gig (the mag would have to be making an exponentially higher amount of money than it is now for that to be feasible) we’d rather do things like raise contributor rates and run more content. All of which we’re aiming to do in the future. For the time being, we’re starting small. And it looks like a good start so far.

And, hey, if you want to help the magazine continue to grow, by all means visit the Anathema store and if you see something you like, those items are there to be bought. Growing our readership and our subscription base is how we’re going to be able to afford to pay better rates and run more and different types of content.

And while we’re doing that, if you wanted to support the people running the magazine, that would be cool to.

We’re all freelancers of one variety or another, and you can find more information on what services we offer by using the links below:

Michael Matheson – Matheson Freelancing

Chinelo Onwualu – Sylvia Fairchild Editorial Services

Andrew Wilmot – (Editorial, Layout & Design, Marketing & Consulting)

Feel free to give any of us a shout. We’re all excellent at what we do. And one of the primary rules of freelancing is that freelancers can always use more work.

All that said, we’d appreciate it if you spread the word far and wide that Anathema‘s live and kicking, and we hope you enjoy the first issue. There’s a lot more coming. :)

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