Ask Not for Whom the Freelance Tolls

TOTALLY not a commentary on current situation. Nope. Not at all…

Lo, it is once again the end of a month where things … might … have gone pear-shaped a bit in financial terms. It’s so weird, my 2017 has been great in multiple respects thus far, just repeatedly not financially.

Anyway. I’m seeking freelance work asap or something with a short turnaround to make up for the shortfall I’m currently dealing with. Because my May rent calls to me. Or more accurately it demands immediate attention and some form of solution. So. Anyone need freelancing done? Go to the link below for editing, ghostwriting, and copywriting (I do also do other forms of technical writing, but for that it’s best to just query directly to and we’ll talk through what you need):

Matheson Freelancing

For those who haven’t been to that site before, it contains descriptions of the kinds of work I do and lists base rates for those services. And yes, my rates are negotiable depending on your financial situation.

Speaking to rates, I’m upping some of the editing costs come June: substantive/developmental and copy/line editing will be going from $3/page to $4/page. Proofreading will remain $2/page.

Doesn’t seem like a big change, but it adds up over time. I’ve held off doing that for ages because I prefer to keep my costs as low as possible so I can work with more low-income writers. But those (quite literally bottom end of the professional scale) rates are just no longer feasible. And those rates may get raised again down the line, but for now that’s all I’m going to raise them.

Anyone who books freelance work before the end of May, regardless of the start date of the project, gets the current rate. And then all jobs booked from June on will use the new rate.

All that said, feel free to spread the word. I could do with the signal boosting right now. :)

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