End of May Roundup – A(nother) Matter of Time

While it’s not technically the end of May yet, that being about a week away I’m fudging the title of this post a little. Got a few things to update this time round. Some procedural things, and some deadlines.

And while it would be true to say that I’m racing some time-dependent deadlines as the month comes to a close, it’s not my deadlines I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about deadlines that affect you, the reader. :)

Anathema Submissions Window Closes 05/31

The Anathema submissions window for Issue 2 will only be open for one more week. The official end of this reading period is end of day May 31st, though we’ll read everything that comes in June 1st as well to make sure that we don’t miss out on any submissions because of time zone differences.

We’ve had some fantastic stories come in toward Issue 2, but we’d love to see more fiction and art right now. (We love seeing non-fiction subs as well, though we do end up handling that mostly in-house at this point.) I’m always wary of telling people what we’d like to see in terms of theme and content, because we really don’t know what we’ll love until we see it.

I will say, though, that we absolutely love getting stories that have been hard to sell elsewhere (they tend to be the most interesting things we see, and the least easy to classify). And that we love seeing work from new writers. We offer feedback where we can, and are happy to do so for younger writers, or writers just starting out. (You’re welcome to mention this is the case in your cover letters.)

At this point, our second issue is starting to take shape, but it’s not there yet. We still need more stellar, impossible to resist work to come in over the transom. That’s where you come in. Send us your work (if you’re a queer POC/Indigenous/Aboriginal creator), or send people our way. You can find our full submission guidelines here.

And there’s another way you can help:

Anathema Gift Subscriptions and Patreon

While we’re still setting up the Anathema Patreon, we’ve finally got gift subscriptions (for every subscription tier) up and running on the website’s store. We’ve set them up as voucher/discount codes you can gift to whomever you like. The codes are single use, but they never expire, so the recipient of your gift can activate their subscription whenever they choose, rather than being locked into someone else’s schedule or having only a narrow window of redemption.

We push the subscriptions from time to time because they (and single issue sales) are our primary form of revenue at Anathema — and all that revenue goes straight to paying contributors and the website hosting. We’re debating a subscription drive down the road, but in the meantime, if you’d like to purchase a subscription for yourself or a gift subscription for someone else, you’re directly supporting Anathema paying amazing contributors for their work, and you get some damn good content out of it in the bargain. :D

And speaking of none of the editorial staff making any money from running Anathema, *cough*…

Freelancing Rates Going Up Come 06/01

Every once in a long while I re-evaluate the rates I charge as a freelance writer/editor. My rates are right at the bottom of the professional scale for my industry, and I try and keep them relatively low because I work with a lot of newer and indie authors. Self-publishing and/or running a small press is a hard road, and I like to be able to offer people services at as low a rate as possible to help everyone keep their own business running.

At the moment though, I’m just not making enough off the substantive/developmental and line/copy editing I do to make ends meet. Yeah, I scrape by much of the time, and I take what work in the outside world I can (I’ve got a surprisingly broad skill range from working in multiple industries over a couple decades). But you couple reasonably low rates with some heavy payment snafus and non-payments over the last six months or so and that puts me in a bind.

I’m only changing the rates for the substantive/developmental and line/copy editing. Everything else will be staying the same for now. Might shift some other things down the road as well, but the two types of editing named above are what I most frequently do as a freelancer, so that’s what I’m focusing on adjusting. The current rates are $3/page (250 words) for those two services, and they’ll be going up to $4/page on June 1st.

All work booked before the end of this month will use the old rates, and that includes bookings for work starting sometime later this year. Serialized work started (or booked) before June 1st will be charged at the current rate until that serialized material’s course is run.

If you’ve been hovering on the fence about querying/hiring me for something, bug me about it before the end of the month to get that $3/page rate. I’ve got slots open for the rest of the year, with some work already committed to here and there. But there’s still plenty of room to take on new jobs and new clients. You can find general information at Matheson Freelancing, and information on the various rates I charge here.

And that, my friends, is a wrap for the time being. There’ll be more news as it happens. For now, feel free to spread the word on Anathema and reach out if you have freelancing you want done.

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