An Unexpected THoM Rec from Book Riot

Two posts in one day. What are the odds? :)

But it’s a day, as mentioned last post, with enough different news to warrant two posts rather than piling things together as I normally do. Which I may stop doing generally, just to make news easier to find on here. We’ll see.

In any case, the reason for a second post today? (And one worthy of yet another shocked face post header.) I just yesterday ran across a post on Book Riot from a couple of days back, wherein Margaret Kingsbury pulled together a fantastic recommendations post: 100 Must-Read SFF Short Story Collections.

Covering 60 single author collections and 40 anthologies, it’s a deeply impressive post, wide-ranging in what it covers, and includes a number of books I love and overall just an extraordinary collection of writers and editors, primarily contemporary.

So imagine my surprise when I found The Humanity of Monsters on that list!

Like, holy crap, look at the company I’m keeping on that thing. O_o

In truth, it’s been a good few months of news with an award nomination, Anathema‘s second issue coming together (and dropping August 1st), and a number of other things coming together that I can’t talk about yet. But I thought much of the news for THoM was over and done with it having come out almost two years ago now. I’m delighted to be wrong in that. :D

I’d urge you to go have a look at the list if you haven’t already. It’s a shockingly good reading list. And contains the work of a number of friends and colleagues, all of whom I’m delighted to see on there, and who you should be reading.

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