Anathema Issue 2 ToC/Cover Reveal

You can tell I’ve been busy when I’m writing posts a month apart (normal posting schedule around here is once every couple weeks, give or take). And, indeed, the last couple months have been exceedingly full. And though things aren’t exactly easing up for the next few weeks in terms of deadlines, there is news. Hell, enough for this post and one after it. :)

But speaking to immediate things:

With now less than one week to go until the release of Anathema‘s second issue on August 1st, we’ve put together our usual ToC and cover reveal for the coming issue. And damn but we love the way that issue came together, visually and otherwise. :D

Why? Because aside from having some fucking fantastic content in the August issue, this is the cover for Issue 2:

You can see the full ToC reveal here, and Issue 2 will be available to read for free online (or purchase as an eBook) on August 1st! :D

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