Augur Preview Issue/Kickstarter Goes Live

Yesterday the Preview Issue of Augur magazine went live online. You may recall me mentioning in this post that I had a reprint story, “Change as Seen Through an Orrery of Celestial Fire,” in said issue. And you can now read not only my story in full, but the entire Preview Issue for free!

My work there shares space with friends and colleagues, and just some overall absolutely fucking gorgeous work. The launch party, too, for the issue was last night (lovely to see all of you I know, and to meet many of you I didn’t :D ), and at that party I had the opportunity to listen to some of the other contributors read from their work, and, friends, this project is the beginning of a very good thing.

Which segues nicely into what else that party last night was for: celebrating that Augur‘s Kickstarter has also launched, with the magazine seeking funding for their first two years of operations. As I’ve said elsewhere already, I love Augur‘s aims and their mandate (you can find them outlined in the video accompanying their Kickstarter, as well as discussed more fully on their website), and it’s wonderful to see another Canadian-helmed mag featuring international work enter the landscape. So if you’re in a position to pitch in and directly help them reach their goal that’s fantastic, and even if not you can help by spreading the word.

I also have an interview relating to my story coming up as a part of the Kickstarter campaign, and will share that once it’s available. In the meantime though, you can treat yourself by reading Augur‘s Preview Issue to see what they have to offer. And look at the stunning art created for the stories therein (I love the art for my story so much), as well as the full version of that gorgeous cover art. (A crop of which tops this post.) Obviously I’m biased because I have content in the issue, but speaking as an editor: that Preview Issue heralds exceptional things coming down the line. Go give it a read. You’ll not be disappointed. :)

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