Further on Augur’s Crowdfunding (Success!) and More

And lo after ridiculous long absence, there was a return!

In truth, though, it’s been an absurdly busy month, and though most of what took up my time is not for public consumption (some might eventually be, because: vagueposting FTW!), I can at least share some of what’s been going on during September with you.

Including that Augur has made their crowdfunding goal at this point (two years, fully funded), and are travelling up toward 120% of goal! Fantastic to see generally, but especially good to welcome another speculative venue into the Canadian mix, and one with an intersection lens on the field is decidedly welcome.

Over the course of the month Augur‘s been talking about the work in their Preview Issue and posting interviews done with the contributors to that issue. Which means, right now, you can read an interview with me about Augur‘s reprint of “Change as Seen Through an Orrery of Celestial Fire” (that contains information about the Titan and Serpent cycle for those of you interested).

And you can read some excessively generous things said about the story on Augur‘s Twitter account as part of their “11 in 11” feature:

The latter kicks off a threaded mini-review of their own content, allowing them to talk about why they picked a piece for the Preview Issue, what elements of it spoke to their mandate, and why they love it. This particular instance is also an opportunity to have people say things of my work like:

It’s a beautiful, rich, complex story—we could talk about it for days.

So, you know, I’m on board with this. ;)

If you want to go support Augur‘s crowdfunding you still have a few hours to do so. But either way, keep an eye on them. They’re going to be doing amazing things.

And on my own front, you’ll be hearing more from me about my ongoing and one off projects as the year continues. Including material on Anathema (today’s the last day to sub F/NF/Art to our September window so get your content in by end of day) and some other things coming up.

For now, I hope everyone’s had a good month, and I’ll see you again in October! :D

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