Quick, Everyone Look Busy, November’s Coming

The posting about once a month continues at this point. Mostly because the months seem to be moving very fast, and said last few months have been quite busy, what with freelancing, dayjob work, occasionally getting a chance at my own writing, and prepping Anathema‘s third issue for its December release.

Re that last point, the Anathema team is sending out all the responses to September’s submissions by month’s end, so keep an eye out for those and please do query us if you haven’t heard back on your submission by November 1st.

In among all that magazine prepping, I’ve also been finishing off some current freelance work. Following which I spent some time updating my freelancing website’s testimtonials/CV page, as you do. And in so doing, and looking at my freelance schedule, I realized I’ve got some freelance slots open for December. :D

I’m looking to book those slots asap, so if you want to work with me in any editorial capacity, click on over to the Matheson Freelancing website’s Contact page and hit me up with a query/request. There’s Rates information on the website as well, and if you don’t see what you want done outlined there send me a query.

There’s a few other things in the works around here at the moment, but talking about those will have to wait until they’re finalized. Some of it related to Anathema, some to my own work. Let’s just say next year’s going to be interesting. :)

Now if I can just get back to blogging every two weeks instead of every month…

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