2017 Award Eligibility Post +

Fair bit of time since the last blog. Mostly because I’ve been busy with freelance work, work on Anathema’s third issue (more on that shortly), oh and finding an apartment and moving. So, you know, had some things to do off the site. ;)

And though all of those things have taken up inordinately more time than one ever expects them to, I did still manage to get some of my own work published this year. As well as multiple issues of Anathema. And though we’re not past the end of year mark, I’ve nothing else coming out before January lands. So now seems an excellent time to post this and get back to work on all the other things that need doing before year’s end–and the things owing for the coming year. (Multiple things in the works, so a lot to be doing at the moment.)

I’m going to forego posting excerpts of my published work this year because this year all of the (*cough*both*cough*) things I had published are free to read online! :D

My Fiction:

And in That Sheltered Sea, a Colossus
(March 2017, Shimmer #36; Short Story, 4,000 Words)

Change as Seen Through an Orrery of Celestial Fire
(Reprint; August 2017, Augur Preview Issue; Short Story, 3,800 Words)

I’m not certain that the reprint is eligible for any award consideration? Though the Titan and Serpent story in Shimmer is if anyone’s interested in nominating it for something. (I love that story, so be my guest.)

And above and beyond my fiction, I want to mention the project that Andrew Wilmot, Chinelo Onwualu, and I have been working on throughout the year: Anathema: Spec from the Margins. Because the magazine only comes out three times a year it doesn’t qualify for semi-professional status necessary for some magazine nominations, but that’s not why I’m highlighting it.

I’m bringing it up because we published 17 pieces of original content, and one original piece of art this year. And those you can nominate for awards! :D

Anathema Original Content:

Anathema, Issue 1, April 2017

Olokun’s Children” by Pear Nuallak
(Cover Art)

A Complex Filament of Light” by S. Qiouyi Lu
(Short Story, 3,400 Words)

Swan’s Grace” by Tony Pi
(Novelette, 8,250 Words)

The Woman With a Thousand Stars in Her Hair” by Ayodele Olofintuade
(Short Story, 5,700 Words)

Blood Song” by Brent Lambert
(Short Story, 5,725 Words)

Aqua Mirabilis” by Stephanie Chan
(Short Story, 4,550 Words)

Being Otherwise: Between Starshine and Clay” by Alexis Teyie
(Non-Fiction, 2,200 Words)

Anathema, Issue 2 (August 2017)

Never Yawn Under a Banyan Tree” by Nibedita Sen
(Short Story, 3,025 Words)

Beneath the Briar Patch” by Craig Laurance Gidney
(Short Story, 4,575 Words)

Everything You Left Behind” by Wen Ma
(Short Story, 3,650 Words)

‘Punch God (in the Face)’ by the Harmnones” by Brandon O’Brien
(Short Story, 6,175 Words)

Eruption” by Jaymee Goh
(Short Story, 3,900 Words)

Say Her Name: The Eternal Lives of Get Out‘s Heroine” by Renee Christopher
(Non-Fiction, 1,700 Words)

Anathema, Issue 3 (December 2017)

The Poet and the Spider” by Cynthia So
(Short Story, 4,975 Words)

Learning to Swim” by Mimi Mondal
(Short Story, 2,975 Words)

Death Comes to Elisha” by Iona Sharma
(Short Story, 1,775 Words)

Diary of War” by Joyce Chng
(Short Story, 1,675 Words)

Why I Hate The Sparrow. A Lot.” by Diana What
(Non-Fiction, 3,150 Words)

Two of those stories from this year, Issue 2’s “Never Yawn Under a Banyan Tree” and “Everything You Left Behind” (by Nibedita Sen and Wen Ma, respectively) have already appeared on the Nebula Recommended Reading List, which is fucking fantastic! And we’ve seen a few recommendation posts throughout the year with Anathema stories on them. As the year winds down, it’s been great to see those crop up, and I’m still hoping to see more Anathema content show up on year end recommendation lists. (I know I saw one somewhere the other day, but I don’t remember off hand whose post that was, and I’m sure there are others I’ve just not seen.)

Which, as usual, reminds me I have my own recs post to pull together to post some time in January. Though the reading for that continues straight through the end of this year and on into next as I … might be way behind with that given everything else going on. It’s been a busy year. :D

Read anything good you want to bring to my attention for the (slowly) growing recs list I’m pulling together? Feel free to mention it in the comments so I can go take a look at it. I’m only looking at shorter fiction, poetry, and comics TPBs this year owing to time constraints, but all suggestions are welcome. :)

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