The Return of the Blog and Anathema 2018 Crowdfunding


So it was a busy end of year (and start to 2018). As you may have noticed from my not posting anything on the site since the beginning of December.

There’s a few posts I’ve been meaning to put up, including the end of year/year in writing entry I normally post just after the new year, and will be posting that once I have time — that and the 2017 recommended reading post once that‘s pulled together. The 2017 recs post will be going live probably closer to the 15th, making it less useful for providing Nebula recs, though it’ll be timely enough for other award reading. And that list is always a generalist approach to recommendations in any case, rather than specifically award geared, so I find it remains useful long after award seasons come and go. There’s also the usual sales and other update posts to attend to.

All of those posts are behind time because between work, things in my personal life, writing, and co-running Anathema, I ended up needing to neglect the blog some to get things done. I keep the Bibliography updated, but the rest had to temporarily go by the wayside.

And while I’d love to be attending to all of those overdue posts asap, the first of them that needs putting up is one relating to Anathema. Why? Because it’s crowdfunding season, motherfuckers! :D

Or, at least it is for us at Anathema. Because we would really love to raise our rates (double them to $100 CAD) and fund years two and three of the mag. Reasonable goals. Amounting to about $6,000 (CAD). With some stretch goals lined up just in case we surpass our original funding goal.

We had a pretty fucking amazing year at Anathema in 2017: Three of our stories ended up on the 2017 Nebula Reading List (“Everything You Left Behind,” “Learning to Swim,” and “Never Yawn Under a Banyan Tree”) and we’ve had one of our stories narrated in a professional podcast mere months after its release (“A Complex Filament of Light” at Cast of Wonders). Overall, we ran 18 pieces of original content (counting the one original cover), put out three issues, started a reasonably healthy subscriber base, and gave a platform and a megaphone (a small one right now, but it’s getting bigger) to some astonishingly talented queer POC/Indigenous/Aboriginal creators. All of that content available online free to read. So of course we want to keep doing that, always aiming to be self-sufficient financially. We made it part of the way there in 2017. Now we’re buying time to see if we can become entirely self-sufficient over 2018 and 2019.

Or, rather, we’re asking you to help us buy that time. And we have some fantastic perks on offer this year to do it: eBooks, subscriptions, short story edits, and critiques for longer work. And we’ll be adding still more perks as we get the remaining ones lined up.

We believe in the work our content creators have been doing, and we have so much more amazing, glorious writing, non-fiction, and art to share with you in 2018. So:

You can find the Anathema 2018 IndieGoGo campaign here.

Come help us out and contribute what you can. Or just spread the word if that’s all you’re able to do. Everything helps. :)

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