2018 Short Story Announcements (So Far)!

So. The plan for 2018:

The reality thus far:

It’s been a long year, these last four months.

A good year in many ways, though I’ve spent an awful lot of it sick. And/or working the day job. Or playing catch-up on various projects. And settling in after moving late last year. And fundraising for Anathema (We’re good for another year! Thank you backers!) and getting Issue 4 (belatedly) out the door alongside some super patient co-editors. (I mentioned I was sick, right? Because I was sick. For like six fucking weeks.) And I still need to get the (now not Awards relevant) 2017 Recs List out the door. The latter probably when I’m less pissed about the state of the field.

Oh and I’ve been working on finding time to write.

The writing I’ve done this year and last has paid off quite well, at least. To the point where I have four short story sales to announce. Four! :D

Some of them because I technically just didn’t announce it when I learned about that first one. Or after I put it up on the Bibliography page ages ago and meant to announce it then. *cough*

But. Four short story sales to talk about! And where were these stories placed, you ask? An excellent question!

I’ve got two new stories coming out from Green Ronin Publishing’s Nisaba Press imprint. One story each for the Blue Rose and Mutants & Masterminds settings — “In That Fire, All the Voices of Your Dead” and “Kill Me Baby, One More Time”, respectively. The Blue Rose story will be out in the spring, and I’m not sure of the release date for the Mutants & Masterminds piece as yet. Though they’re in different settings, they’re both deeply queer stories with a thematic focus on mental health and trauma recovery. So, you know, the kind of stories you’d very much expect from me. But now with tie-in settings! :D

There’s also another new story of mine coming out through Augur‘s second issue in the summer: “And at Its Heart, Such Depths” is the first story in the ongoing Titan and Serpent cycle. The one that includes “And in That Sheltered Sea, a Colossus” and “Until There is Only Hunger”. I’ve talked about that cycle off and on as I’ve been writing it, though the latter part of this post from almost a year ago helps ground it (sort of?) for those not already familiar with those stories.

And the last publication from me in 2018 (as of yet) is a reprint of “Until There is Only Hunger” that will be appearing in Flame Tree Publishing’s Lost Souls anthology in September. It looks like a beautiful book. And massive. Seriously, it’s a 480 page hardcover. That thing’s going to be a gorgeous brick. O_o

So yeah. That’s a full year of publications for me. Already doubling last year’s two stories published. I’m (pretty sure I’m) back to a year’s releases of things that will only be accessible by purchase with that 2018 slate. I’m already missing being able to point to a free-to-read venue when people ask what I’ve got coming out in the near future.

Like. Look. I just like my stuff being able to read as widely as possible, okay. :p

Seriously though, support publishers where you can. I’ll be posting links to these and whatever other stories come out from me this year as I have them to update on the Bibliography page.

Oh, and if you’re in the mood to support publishers right this moment, there’s a mag that could do with some love: Anathema. All of our content is free to read online, but we sell individual issues and subscriptions to keep the content flowing and the lights running. And did I mention that Issue 4 just came out a little over a week ago? It’s gorgeous. Go read it while you’re waiting for my own work to come out. :D

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