New Titan and Serpent Story Out!

Where were we last post? Oh right, four short story announcements of mine. How timely then that this next post (having gone much longer between posts than planned) is about one of those stories now being available to read!

Specifically, that story now available is “And at its Heart, Such Depths” out in Augur 1.2. (The whole of which looks fantastic and you should absolutely support Augur in general if you can. They do good work.)

For those keeping track, this makes my second appearance in Augur — the first in their Preview Issue last year.

This time out, Augur‘s running an original from me. And a story I’m delighted to see finally out in the world. I wrote “And at its Heart, Such Depths” in its original form back at Clarion West in 2014. It’s been through multiple versions since then, and though I didn’t know it at the time this story was the start of what would become the Titan and Serpent cycle.

Said cycle consisting of a number of (as yet) unpublished pieces, and two other published ones:  “Until There is Only Hunger” in Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling and “And in That Sheltered Sea, a Colossus” at Shimmer.

Some of you may have heard me talk about these stories off and on. ;)

Because the Titan and Serpent stories have been getting published out of order, and now that we’re up at three, it’s worth clarifying their chronological order for those trying to figure out the timeline:

  • And at its Heart, Such Depths
  • And in That Sheltered Sea, a Colossus
  • Until There is Only Hunger

So yes, they’ve been published entirely in reverse chronological order thus far. :)

Though “Until There is Only Hunger” is decidedly not the end of that sequence. And there’s more than just worldbuilding linking them. But part of the fun of seeing these stories published is what people pick up on between the stories and the connections readers make without prompting. So I’m going to back away from talking more about the sequence itself right now, and suggest that instead you go read “And at its Heart, Such Depths” when you get a chance.

Only a preview of that story’s available online right now, so you’ll have to purchase the issue or a subscription to Augur if you want to read it in its entirety. (Though the issue’s full content goes free online when the next one releases.)

I have no idea when or where more of the Titan and Serpent cycle stories will be published at this point. But in the meantime, I’m over here working on the rest of them. And a number of other projects. And hopefully making the next post on this blog sooner than a month from now.

One can always hope. :)


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