Anathema Issue 5 is Out!

Another issue of that awesome mag I co-edit is out! :D

I realize, belatedly, that I didn’t end up doing a full release post for Issue 4.  (It’s been a long and busy year.) This time, though, you get a full announcement post on the blog!

Which mostly consists of two things. First, I post this fucking stunning final cover image:

We really do just keep getting incredibly lucky with our covers. (This one, “Recluse,” coming from Maria Nguyen.)

And second, I direct you to the page for Issue 5 on the Anathema website. Thus saving myself from retyping the entire ToC again. ;)

Also, this way you can head over and read the mag immediately (it’s free online), or purchase it as a single issue (great for reading offline), or you could even pick up a subscription if you like what you see and want to see more of it (great for keeping the mag afloat and for making sure you never miss an issue).

I mean, really, this way’s a win/win for everyone! :D

So what are you still here for? Go read the new issue already!

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